Capture, Organise, Store, Protect, Apply & Share Documents/Data

Carry your docs to the bank

Once you have scanned, your documents are available for new account setup and new insurance application processes

Organise docs/data for clubs

It’s not just for individuals. Families and clubs or societies can work together with a single source of truth for their personal data

Stop the clocks

Our data inheritance tool uses smarts to pass your data on to trusted family or lawyer if you can’t respond anymore

  • Keep your personal data in SmartKorr™

    No more searching to find that crucial number or document

  • Use Artificial Intelligence

    To capture, organise and control your docs. and data

  • SmartDeny™ access to your data

    Know who has your data and request it back at any time

  • Validate and Anonymise your Docs

    Using third party validators, become a trusted and anonymous Korr user

  • Easy Apply

    Apply for a new bank account or insurance product in less steps. Simple.

  • Quick startup

    Put your docs and data to work – get access to more financial services products more quickly – securely and validated.

Store new documents, or apply for financial services products with your validated data on the go. Any time of the day.


Meet SmartKorr™

Try SmartDeny first, and then learn about our other services.

Built on everything we learned from our conversations with customers like you, SmartKorr is a fresh start that goes even further to help you put the personal data genie back in the bottle.

Help financial services companies to modernise and minimise repeat visits for the same thing.